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E-Bond Epoxies has been formulating and manufacturing high grade epoxy compounds since 1958. We have always placed an emphasis on product quality and ease of use with user-friendly simple to mix ratios such as 1:1 or 2:1. All of our products meet or exceed various industry standards. We specialize in a wide range of epoxy formulated compounds for Transportation, Commercial & Industrial, Marine, Water & Sanitation, Waterproofing & Protective Coatings, in addition to our specialized abilities to meet Contract Manufacturing & Outsourcing needs.

Highway, Bridge & Parking Deck Epoxies
Low modulus epoxies for a Skid Resistant/Hi Friction polymer surfacing to provide long term protection of the underlying steel in cementitious substrates against the serious corrosive effect of chloride ions penetration. Now in use by 26 States with more than 14 million square feet in place in the U.S alone.
Healer/Sealer Epoxy Compounds is a 100% solids, extremely low viscosity (< 100 cps) to provide deep penetration as a crack healer and deck sealer.

Construction and Commercial Epoxies
User-friendly epoxy compounds formulate to meet or exceed the demanding requirements of ASTM, AASHTO and ACI Specifications.

Carbon Fiber
Carbon-Epoxy reinforced polymers, carbon fiber epoxies and other structural composites used for such things as earthquake resistant structures and mass volume expanding/contracting thin wall concrete water tanks.

Water & Sanitation Sealants
Moisture & Mitigation epoxy compounds in compliance with ASTM E 96/E 96M & ASTM-F1869

Waterproofing & Protective Coatings
ANSI/NSF 61 Epoxy Potable waterproofing and Corrosive protective compounds

Marine Use Epoxies
Epoxies that are specially formulated for the marine industry, including underwater applications.

Home Use Epoxies
Clear resins for bartops and tables

Contract Manufacturing & Outsourcing
E-Bond Epoxiesalso provides Contract Manufacturing & outsourcing services, such as toll, contract, custom manufacturing and product packaging for other companies. They continue to rely on us because of our extensive experience, specialized equipment and industry leading technical and management expertise; Not to mention the most important thing… a user-friendly finished product that continually exceeds their quality and cost requirements.

Technical & Manufacturing Staff
The technical staff of chemists and engineers, at E-Bond Epoxies, average over 30 years of experience. The unparalleled knowledge and expertise our staff has accumulated can be attributed to the vast number of years they have spent conducting original product research & development, product formulation, product use and specification of structural adhesives for concrete repair/protection… It’s no accident that all of our products exceed the strictest ASTM and ACI standards.

Another important element is that our technical staff is located within our manufacturing facility. This enables us to quickly respond to any changes or resolve any manufacturing issues before they become a problem. Our technical staff and manufacturing staff work side-by-side to insure that only the finest quality product is produced.

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