Other Epoxy Compounds

  • E-Bond 105/108 100% Solids High Build Epoxy Top & Base Coating System
    A two-coat system with distinctively different colors for corrosion protection.  A chemical resistant coating approved for potable water.
  • E-Bond 420 PT Epoxy Grout System
    E-Bond 420 PT Grout is used to protect the anchorages of post-tensioning tendons or bars on segmental bridge projects, seating of Base Plates and grouting under equipment.
  • E-Bond 510 CJ Lo-Mod Flexible Epoxy Joint Sealant
    A flexible, pourable joint sealant for non-moving, saw-cut, and construction control joints.
  • E-Bond 510 LPL Flexible Epoxy Coating
    A heavy viscosity coating to bridge minor, nonstructural hairline cracks. ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Potable Water Approved
  • E-Bond 520 Lo-Mod Low Viscosity Superstick
    Primarily used for exterior applications exposed variations in stress and temperature.  A multipurpose product as a crack and healer sealer, friction resistant overlay, and patching.
  • E-Bond 540 Lo-Mod Medium Viscosity Superstick
    A multipurpose medium viscosity epoxy for broadcast overlays and patching.
  • E-Bond 550 HI-Mod Low Viscosity Superstick
    A high strength epoxy for pressure injection, gravity feeding cracks and high strength epoxy grouts.  A two-component system with contrasting colors that produces a translucent green to ensure proper mixing.
  • E-Bond 560 Lo-Mod Gel Superstick
    Used as a gap filling material for bonding irregular materials, concrete, wood, steel, etc.
  • E-Bond 580/580 LPL HI-Mod Multipurpose Epoxy Grouting/Bonding Adhesive
    A multipurpose high-strength adhesive for bonding concrete to concrete,  for setting dowels and anchor bolts, gravity feeding of larger cracks, chemical resistant coating, and many other applications. Available in Standard Set & LPL Versions.
  • E-Bond 590 HI-Mod Gel Superstick
    A structural adhesive system for grouting anchor bolts, sealing cracks, and setting injection ports prior to injection grouting. E-Bond 590 Hi Mod Gel is recommended for bonding wheel stops to concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  • E-Bond 1225 Decorative Resin
    A high gloss clear epoxy polymer for interior applications on bars and table tops.


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