Marine Epoxies

  • 106 Polyamide Epoxy Coating –
    Sealer and coating for various substrates for chemical resistance and fresh or sea water immersion.
    • 1019 Underwater Putty
      For Emergency & Permanent Repairs On Wood, Fiberglass And Metal Boat Hulls.
      Ideal for patching of hair line cracks and other cracks in underwater applications.
    • ZR100 Resin / CA340 Hardener System (1211)
      All-purpose epoxy adhesive for patching and bonding miscellaneous materials as well as laminating.
    • ZR100 Resin / CA370 Hardener System (1204-C-1)
      High tensile and flexural strength laminating resin system for wood, fiberglass & steel.
    • 1105 Marine Epoxy System
      1105 Resin 1205/1206/1209 Hardeners: Laminating Resin System
    • 1285 Marine Epoxy System
      1285 Resin 1285/1286/1289 Hardeners: Laminating System / Vacuum Bagging

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    1019 pds

    1105 System Data Sheet

    1285 System Data Sheet

    ZR100-CA370 pds

    ZR100-CA340 pds