Contract Manufacturing & Outsourcing

Contract Manufacturing/Outsourcing
E-Bond Epoxies specializes in creating custom formulations to meet your exact application requirements and solve your processing problems. E-Bond Epoxies’combination of specialized manufacturing facilities, experienced project management staff, process development resources, and decades of formulation and field experience to satisfy your design, manufacturing and quality requirements. Whether you are in need of a high-tech or low-tech formulation we can provide it quickly and cost-effectively.

E-Bond Epoxies has built its business to include serving the growing need for contract, custom and toll manufacturing by constructing facilities and hiring employees with flexibility in mind. As larger manufacturers focus on their core products, the trend towards outsourcing the manufacture of epoxy formulations is growing. E-Bond Epoxies possesses the specialized assets and expertise to handle these types of projects.

Reasons to outsource your epoxy manufacturing to E-Bond Epoxies include: less strain on internal capacity, free up internal process development resources or to avoid additional capital expenditures

Toll Blending
E-Bond Epoxies, Inc is expert at contract blending (toll blending). Our wide range of manufacturing capabilities and experience allows us to blend your in-house formulations. We provide well established and effective quality control methods, effective manufacturing, certifications, MSDS documentation, QA specifications and custom packaging. Our technical expertise with a variety of resin systems will help you avoid pitfalls associated with in-house production. You can trust E-Bond Epoxies for consistent quality when choosing a supplier for the toll blending of your formulas.

Product Modification
E-Bond Epoxies can modify viscosity, cure speed, hardness and nearly any other property to exactly meet your requirements. Our staff of Development Chemists has the expertise to get your project moving forward quickly and cost-effectively.


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