Piezos and Loop Sealant

    Piezo-loop-piezo is a classified detection system.

  • E-Bond 1260 Traffic Loop Sealant
    E-Bond 1260 is a 100% Solids, 2 component, Flexible Epoxy loop sealant. Designed for non-moving joints and as a loop sealant that complies with P-606 and numerous state road specifications.
  • E-Bond G-78 Piezo Sealant
    E-BOND G-78 is a pourable epoxy grout particularly designed to encapsulate piezo’s used DOT’s.
  • E-Bond 516 Polymer Nosing Epoxy Grout
    E-Bond 516 is a fast setting impact resistance polymer mortar that produces monolithic bonds in construction or repair of expansion joint headers for expansion joints on bridge and parking decks
  • E-Bond 420 PT Epoxy Grout System
    E-Bond 420 PT Grout is used to protect the anchorages of post-tensioning tendons or bars on segmental bridge projects, seating of Base Plates and grouting under equipment.

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