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E-Bond G-78 Piezo Sealant

E-Bond G-78 is a pourable epoxy grout particularly designed to encapsulate piezo’s used DOT’s.

Data Sheet

MSDS G-78 Part A

MSDS G-78 Part B

E-Bond 120 Epoxy Penetrating Healer/Sealer For Concrete Surfaces

E-Bond 120 is a 2-component 50% solids very low viscosity epoxy crack healer / penetrating sealer as a surface sealer for above grade interior and exterior slabs.

Data Sheet

MSDS 120 Part A

MSDS 120 Part B

E-Bond 310 Penetrating Concrete Floodcoat Sealer

E-Bond 310 is a 2-component 75% solids super low viscosity, moisture-tolerant, epoxy crack healer / penetrating sealer which produces a fast tack free time to minimize downtime.

Data Sheet

MSDS 310 Part A

MSDS 310 Part B

E-Bond 420 PT Epoxy Grout System

E-Bond 420 PT Grout is used to protect the anchorages of post-tensioning tendons or bars on segmental bridge projects, seating of Base Plates and grouting under equipment.

Data Sheet

MSDS 420 Part A

MSDS 420 Part B

E-Bond 516 Polymer Nosing Epoxy Grout

E-Bond 516 is a fast setting impact resistance polymer mortar that produces monolithic bonds in construction or repair of expansion joint headers for expansion joints on bridge and parking decks.

Data Sheet

MSDS 516 Part A

MSDS 516 Part B

E-Bond 523  Healer-Sealer Primer

E-Bond 523 is a 100% solids, extremely low viscosity (< 100 cps) to provide deep penetration as a crack healer and deck sealer. Fast open time to minimize traffic down time.

Data Sheet

MSDS 523 Part A

MSDS 523 Part B

E-Bond 526 Epoxy Overlay & HFST Overlay

E-Bond 526 HFS is a 2-component 100% solids single lift High Friction/Anti-Skid Epoxy that enhances the Hi-friction/Anti-Skid properties of the driving surface to reduce accidents and fatalities by improving breaking distances, reduced skidding, hydroplaning and improves driver awareness. E-Bond 526 HFS is recommended for Horizontal Curves and Ramps, Intersections/Intersection Approaches, Steep Grades, Roundabouts and other areas where improved safety is desired.  

Data Sheet 526/526S (Slope)

Data Sheet 526LW (Light Weight)

MSDS 526 Part A

MSDS 526 Part B

MSDS 526S Part A

MSDS 526S Part B

MSDS 526LW Part A

MSDS 256LW Part B

E-Bond 1240-41 Marker Adhesive

E-Bond 1240-41 is an adhesive designed for placement of raised and recessed traffic markers reflectors & delineators. Conforms to AASHTO M-237, Type II specification.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1240 Part A

MSDS 1241 Part B


E-Bond 1249 Rapid Set Epoxy Marker Adhesive

E-Bond 1249 is a rapid set epoxy marker adhesive non sag grade for raised and recessed traffic markers.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1249 Part A

MSDS 1249 Part B

E-Bond 1260 Traffic Loop Sealant

E-Bond 1260 is a 100% Solids, 2 component, Flexible Epoxy loop sealant. Designed for non-moving joints and as a loop sealant that complies with P-606 and numerous state road specifications.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1260 Part A

MSDS 1260 Part B

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