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 Decorative & Tabletop Epoxies

Decorative & Table Top Epoxy Systems: Image

E-Bond 106 Polyamide Epoxy Coating

E-Bond 106 Series of Epoxy Coatings are based on Epoxy Resins, which when combined with the hardener, form tough, cross-link, thermal-set films similar to the properties of a baked finish without


Data Sheet

MSDS 106 Part A White (or Tinted)

MSDS 106C3 Part A Clear

MSDS 106C2 Part B

E-Bond 320 Moisture Reduction Barrier Epoxy

E-Bond 320 MRB is a one-coat 100% solids, surface penetrating, film-forming epoxy coating for remediating the moisture vapor transmission related to green and damp concrete surfaces.

Data Sheet

MSDS 320 Part A

MSDS 320 Part B


E-Bond 575 Washable Epoxy Mortar & Grout

E-Bond 575 is a custom formula of Resin and Hardener to be combined with a Component “C” aggregate to be supplied by others.

Data Sheet

MSDS 575 Part A

MSDS 575 Part B

E-Bond 1225 Decorative Resin

E-Bond 1225 is a two component, very clear, Epoxy Resin system that cures to a thick, glossy finish on tabletops, bar tops, and printed materials. This product does not contain UV inhibiters.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1225 Part A

MSDS 1225 Part B

E-Bond 1226 Decorative Resin

E-Bond 1226 is a high gloss clear epoxy polymer with UV inhibiters for interior applications on bars and table tops.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1226 Part A

MSDS 1226 Part B

Directions for Use


E-Bond 1295 Silk Flower Resin

E-Bond 1295 is a potting resin for silk flowers.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1295 Part A

MSDS 1295 Part B


E-Bond 1810/1811 LPL

E-Bond 1810/1811 LPL has been specifically designed as a glaze sealer for existing epoxy chattahoochee rock systems, providing a much lower viscosity and an extended working time.

Data Sheet

MSDS 1810 LPL 



Decorative & Table Top Epoxy Systems: List
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