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E-Bond 320 Moisture Reduction Barrier Epoxy-3 gallon kit

E-Bond 320 Moisture Reduction Barrier Epoxy-3 gallon kit


E-Bond 320 MRB is a one-coat 100% solids, surface penetrating, film forming epoxy coating for remediating the moisture vapor transmission related to green and damp concrete surfaces. This proprietary formula has been specifically designed tocureandadhere to concrete under extreme conditions of constant moisture transmission, high pH and high relative humidity. When installed at the required application thickness, E Bond 320 MRB, once cured, reduces the levels of water vapor transmission below the recommended moisture vapor transmission formost adhesives, coatings and floor coverings.



  • Properly prepared new (at least 7 days old) or existing concrete substrates
  • Properly prepared and fully cured lightweight concrete



  • Can be applied onto above, at and below-grade concrete substrates
  • Apply to concrete with are lative humidity (RH) up to and including 100%
  • Reduces 25lbs of Moisture Vapor Transmission to less than 3 lbs
  • Up to 97% Reductionin Moisture Vapor Transmission
  • Alkali Resistant to a pH14
  • Low VOC
  • Low viscosity mix ensures maximum penetration of the concrete substrate to fill in pores and voids
  • One Coat application
  • Easy mix formula (2 parts A to 1 part B by volume)
  • Non-flammable



2 gal E-Bond 320 Part A

1 gal E-Bond 320 Part B


Click here for E-BOND 320 Data Sheet

Click here for MSDS 320 Part A

Click here for MSDS 320 Part B



For large project/quantity purchases please contact E-Bond for large quantity quote of material.

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